Wildfire debris cleanup now available to Mora and San Miguel County residents with lost homes and structures

SANTA FE - Beginning today, residents of San Miguel and Mora counties, as well as others who have lost
structures due to the wildfire in those counties, may apply for free debris removal. This program allows
all wildfire debris on residential properties in Mora and San Miguel Counties to be collected, safely
removed, and properly disposed of by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers with no out of pocket costs to property owners.
Anyone who has lost a home or building from the wildfires may safely sift through ash and debris for
salvageable items. Remember to stay safe by wearing a mask, gloves and protective gear when looking for
Once sifting for valuables has been completed, the property owner then has two options for debris
Option #1 is the Full Service Debris Removal Program. This allows the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to collect, remove and dispose of all debris and household
hazardous waste with no out of pocket costs. The property owner must fill out, sign and submit a Right of
Entry Form to their county government office in Mora and San Miguel Counties. To be eligible for the
program, property owners must not remove any debris from the property on their own. Sifting through
the ash and debris for valuables does not affect eligibility.
Option #2 is if property owners choose to remove debris by themselves, they will have to pay for the
services and properly dispose of debris on their own. A list of eligible landfills that accept these types of
materials will be provided to property owners who select Option #2. The Debris Management Task Force
today also released the Cleanup Standards for Option #2, describing how special wastes such as asbestos
should be handled. Property owners selecting Option #2 are asked to submit an Opt-Out Form to notify
the government of their decision.

All property owners who suffered the loss of a home of 120 square feet or more must select one of these
two options. Eligibility of outlying buildings with no residential space, such as barns, will be determined
on a case-by-case basis. Commercial buildings are not currently eligible for this program.
“We know that residents in Mora and San Miguel Counties have been through so much already, let us take
the removal of wildfire debris off your plate by taking advantage of the Full Service Debris Removal
Program,” said Environment Cabinet Secretary James Kenney. “With the looming threat of flooding
from monsoon season on the horizon, we encourage property owners to opt in a soon as possible so that
cleanup efforts can begin right away.”
Forms are available at county government offices in Mora and San Miguel Counties and on the
Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Wildfire website. Property owners
needing assistance completing these forms may contact the Fire Resource Hotline at 1-800-432-2080 or
visit their county government offices.
Matthew Maez, Communications Director | [email protected] | 505 670 8911