Student Expectations/Responsibilities for Remote Learning 2020-2021

  1. Attendance is mandatory, if you are going to be absent, let your teachers know
  2. Meet all deadlines and due dates set forth by your teachers
  3. Log in and be ready by the start of the scheduled class
  4. Participate in live sessions
  5. Devices should be charged and ready for instruction on a daily basis
  6. Cameras must remain on during all live lessons
  7. Establish a consistent and comfortable learning area
  8. Dress appropriately
  9. Remain active and maintain a positive attitude


1st           8:00-8:55

2nd          9:00-9:50

3rd           10:00-10:50

4th           10:55-11:45

5th           11:50-12:40


6th           1:30-2:20

7th           2:25-3:15