HIPAA and COVID Information

Las Vegas City Schools is working diligently to minimize the risk to our staff and community during this novel Corona Virus outbreak.  The district has worked with San Miguel County and hosted testing sights for the community on multiple occasions. Appropriate PPE and safety procedures when identifying COVID-19 can be viewed on our website. We can assure you we are working hand in hand with the Department of Health (DOH), San Miguel County Office of Emergency Services, El Centro Family Health Center, and are following DOH and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. 


If and when a person is identified, as was the case on Thursday, the area must be closed for 24 hours. A 2nd 24 hour time frame is set to thoroughly clean and sanitize in order to reenter the area.  According to the DOH Epidemiology Department, direct contact is defined as being within 6 feet or less for a time period of 3 minutes or more.  It is the duty of the DOH investigator to call and identify direct contact.  Direct contact deems a 14-day self-quarantine period.  If you have not been called, that means you were not identified as being in direct contact. 


Once an exposure has been reported, it is important to go back two days before for contact tracing.  According to the DOH Epidemiology Department, the prior week of exposure is out of the question at this time.  The district has let the community know which area was identified and will continue to do so.  We thank you for your time and patience during this time.