LVCS 2020-2021 Reentry Guidelines



  • July 23rd – Principal/Administrator PLC
  • July 27th – On line registration packets ready. Turn COMPLETED PACKET in to Central Office/school site
  • August 3rd – Ongoing Parent/Community Training Using Google Chromebooks call 505-454-5703
  • August 12th – Staff return to school sites. Teachers can begin to set up classrooms
  • August 12th-21st – Mandatory staff training Curriculum/ Google Classroom/ Covid-19 /Social and Emotional Learning and Supports/Prepping Materials
  • August 24th–28th – Computer devices distributed to students/Passwords/Schedules/Hybrid Assignment A/B/
  • August 24th-28th – Student virtual trainings on Google Classroom/return to school safety procedures
  • August 24th-28th – Teachers PTC with all registered students/prepping materials
  • August 31st – 1st day of student remote learning plan grades K-12; Site Principals conduct Virtual Assemblies
  • October 19th – 1st day of 2nd 9-weeks Grade level K-12 will be phased in at each school site on an A/B Hybrid Model Parents will have the option of continuing with the virtual model 100% of the time.


A SCHEDULE =   Monday and Tuesday – in person learning

                              Wednesday – Virtual Google Classroom all students

                              Thursday and Friday – Virtual Google Classroom 


B SCHEDULE =    Thursday and Friday – in person learning

                               Wednesday – Virtual Google Classroom all students

                               Monday and Tuesday – Virtual Google Classroom




  • Explain the new safety procedures and schedules. Site principal will conduct such assemblies.
  • Parents will be instructed at the beginning of the school year on the importance of social distancing and the importance of washing hands/sanitizing regularly.
  • A clear physical barrier will be erected for all reception areas.
  • Trainings will be held at the beginning of the school year for all staff members on the use of PPE, the importance of both staff and students washing their hands on a regular basis, and the importance of properly disinfecting their classrooms.
  • Custodians will also be trained and informed of the importance of keeping to the disinfecting schedules for the classrooms and the school as a whole. Classroom Environment/Safety.




  • Hand Sanitizer will be available in all classrooms.
  • Disinfectant supplies will be provided to each teacher and these supplies will be stored properly in a secure location within the classroom for use by the teachers and custodians only. These items will need to be monitored closely by an assigned individual.
  • Schedules will be set in place for routine disinfecting of all classrooms.
  • Tissue will be set in place for both students and staff.
  • Regular resupply of masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, disinfectant soap, hand sanitizer.
  • Students will be 6 feet apart.
  • Classrooms will have tape on the floor to distance students 6 feet apart.
  • The hallway restrooms will have tape on the floor to designate where students should stand as they wait to enter the restroom.
  • Water fountains in schools will not be used due to the CDC restrictions.
  • Students will not share any materials such as books, supplies, or other materials. Desk top computers will be disinfected after each student use.
  • Students will take required breaks that allow students to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
  • Restroom breaks for all classrooms will be on a set schedule to allow custodians to disinfect classrooms.
  • Custodian schedules will be adjusted so that they are on site throughout the day to provide the disinfection of the classrooms.
  • All school sites will follow their safety plans.
  • Face coverings are required but not required while exercising.
  • Students will be screened by staff before entering the building.





  • Students will be greeted and directed into the building. Students are required to walk directly to their respective classrooms. NO Bathroom or Water STOPS.
  • Students receiving bus transportation will be checked with a thermometer when arriving to school. This will be true for all students prior to entering the building. Students will be greeted and directed to their classrooms as they enter the building. A schedule will be formulated for routines and consistency purposes.
  • Teachers need to be in their classrooms by the designated time to receive students.
  • All students and staff will be required to wear masks inside the building throughout the school day.
  • Only district personnel will be allowed in the school site. NO EXCEPTIONS.




  • When entering/exiting the campus a temperature check will be taken and a mask must be worn.
  • Teachers and instructional staff will instruct from their classroom using a specific schedule
  • If in classroom alone, you do not have to wear mask while virtually teaching Elementary 7:30 AM-3:15 PM; MMS/High School 7:45 AM -3:30 PM
  • Attendance will be taken daily and two grades per week submitted per subject/Daily lessons required to be taught via google classroom according to the daily schedule Elementary Specials P/F.
  • Weekly student parent dialogues documented on Wednesdays.
  • A schedule will be formulated for routines and consistency purposes/Preps.
  • MEALS AT SCHOOL may be picked up for Breakfast and Lunch. Menus will be posted on website.
  • Duty free lunch




  • Log in daily by 8:00 AM
  • Follow daily schedule
  • If absent, parent or guardian must call in for excused attendance/attendance taken for every class. School representative will be calling daily to inquire about absences.
  • If help is needed, may call for a tutor or technology assistance Monday – Friday until 7:00 PM




  • Students will be seated with no more than two students to a seat. Students and bus drivers as well as attendants will be required to wear masks.
  • Busses will be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Students will be screened with temperature checks prior to boarding the bus. Every attempt will be made to reconnect a student with a parent or guardian who has a fever of 100.4 or higher or displaying COVID symptoms.
  • In the even this cannot be done in a timely manner the student will be assigned a designated seat on the bus and transported to their school site and escorted to the care room for evaluation.
  • Social distancing will be practiced to the extent possible when entering and exiting the bus.




  • Teachers will teach using Google Classroom and Direct Instruction.
  • Every student will have their own Chromebook.
  • Assignments will be digital using approved LVCS Curriculum.
  • Grades will be entered into PowerSchool.
  • Virtual events such as parent/family meetings, assemblies, and performances will be via Google Meets.
  • LVCS technology department will work closely with communities on providing hot spots and connectivity as well as computer devices for students.




  • If a child or staff member exhibits any of the following symptoms, staff members will immediately go home, and parents will be called to pick up their child as soon as possible. Some symptoms may include: • Fever • New loss of taste or smell • Congestion or runny nose. • Cough • Fatigue • Muscle or body aches • Sore throat • Headache
  • If parents or individuals listed on the emergency contact form do not respond or refuse to come for their child, then child protective services will be notified.




  • All students, including those with disabilities and those with underlying health conditions, should start with the goal of being physically present in school as much as possible. The importance of in-person learning is undeniable and may be more impactful for students with special needs.
  • Students with disabilities will be scheduled for instruction in the same manner.
  • However, special considerations and accommodations to account for diversity of needs should be made in collaboration with parents, teachers, and support staff.
  • Students whose parents and staff feel that increased in-person instruction would be more beneficial should be provided such opportunity. Please contact your Special Education Director Thomas Trujillo 505-454-5717.